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Frequently Asked Questions

I have just enrolled, where else can I use my loyalty card?
All properties featured on this website are part of the loyalty rewards program.

How can I book to ensure that I get my 10% reward dollars?
You will get reward dollars as long as the booking is made direct with the hotel. This can be made via a direct call with our hotels, a direct email with our hotels or direct on our hotels websites.

How are my vouchers calculated?
You get 10% of any monies spent on accommodation. At the end of each month you are sent a voucher totalling 10% of the total amount of accommodation that you have spent.
For Example: you pay 450 for your two night stay. $45 will be added to you membership and will be sent to you at the end of the month.

Can my family member or friend use my loyalty card?
The enrolled member must be present to gain reward dollars. A family member or friend can simply enrol under their name, it’s FREE!

I’ve just enrolled, when do I start receiving my vouchers?
Reward dollars accumulate from the moment you enrol. Vouchers are sent directly to you registered email address at the end of each month.

Can I give you my membership number at check out?
Membership numbers must be provided before you check in. This can be at time of booking (recommended) or at check in.

What happens if I lose my membership card?
Give us a call and we can transfer your details to a new membership card, which will be sent to your registered address. 

If I pay using a voucher, do I still get reward dollars?
You will get 10% reward dollars for monies spent on accommodation.
For Example: if the accommodation total comes to $450, and you use a $25 voucher. Then you will still receive 10% reward dollars for the remaining $425 that you have paid. This will add $42.50 to your membership.

I’m staying on a discounted rate or utilising a free night; do I still get reward dollars?
Yes you do! As long as the booking is made direct, 10% of the total amount spent on accommodation will be applied to your membership.

Can I use my voucher at a different resort to the one I enrolled?
You can earn reward dollars at all of our resorts, which will be combined into one monthly voucher. Vouchers can then be used at any of the resorts within at Hotel Group.

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